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Posted on 08-19-2016

"Do one thing each day that scares you." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

That's one of my favorite quotes - although I admit there's a lot of things that I worry about, and things that scare me a little (or a lot). Fear can be a healthy thing - keeping us from doing something truly dangerous. Some fears just hold us back.

A couple of years ago, I bought a bicycle. What the heck, you always remember how to ride a bike, right? I rode it about 6 times - every time, I fell. Scraped knees, elbows, bruises - the last time I lost control and rode straight into a phone pole (ouch!).

The bike hung on its rack in the laundry room, gathering dust. I made all kinds of excuses, but the fact is I'm afraid of getting hurt again. I realized that I was giving my fear way too much power. I needed to either try again or give it up & sell the bike.

I made a choice: I signed up for a class on "How to Ride a Bike for Adults" and took it last month. The instructors reminded us that the best way to keep your balance is to look out ahead, not down at the front wheel. Thanks to them, I'm much more comfortable now. Will I fall again? Of course I will, everyone does. Am I a good rider? Not yet - but with some practice I'll be better.

So, that was two lessons learned: don't let your fear stop you from doing something you'd like to try - and more important, keep your eyes on the goal ahead, not on the little wobbles while you're getting there.

Remember Eleanor Roosevelt and her challenge - it doesn't have to be something big. What scares you - do you really need to fear it?

Judy Bevilacqua
Licensed Massage Therapist

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