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Posted on 09-01-2015

Simple Manageable Goals
Maybe the secret to success is truly knowing what we want and where we are going. Think about what it would be like if you had to go somewhere without an address, a map or even a direction? Sometimes that’s what it’s like for all of us. So the solution might be first knowing the goal. Not a general goal, like, “I want to be happy or healthy,” but a step by step set of goals on how to be happy or healthy. Let’s face it; if you never exercise you probably wouldn’t succeed if you think the only way to start is at the Olympic level. If you have to lose weight, you can’t succeed if you think, “I need to lose 50 lbs or more right now.” Our goals must be attainable. Too high of a goal may not be manageable and failure is usually the outcome. What if we make our goals manageable?  I’m not talking about lowering the standard. On the contrary, I believe we are happier when we have a higher standard. But to reach our ultimate goals we need to make them manageable. One way is to break our goals down into smaller portions, but at the same time keeping the ultimate goal in our sight. We would easily lose 50 lbs if we set mini incremental goals of 5 lbs a month, or instead of setting lofty goals of a marathon, how about a 5 minute walk daily, increasing the time by 5 minutes every two weeks. You get the idea.. K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Señor. People are ultimately happier when they have a higher standard, and by keeping our health goals simple and manageable we can reach the loftiest goals of true happiness and health. 
Dr. Mike

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