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Posted on 07-31-2015

What is Your Game Changer?

                For years I have been bugging my patients and friends to do the little things that could change their lives. Most of the time people listened and most even agreed, BUT not many put the simple challenges into ACTION. For almost 40 years now, I continue to annoy, coax and prod, hoping that one by one patients will cross the imaginary line to health. What holds us back? What is that personal “game changer” that motivates us individually that will allow us to take the few simple steps on life’s positive journey? Sadly, one of the biggest game changers happens when we face a serious health scare. That is when we go on a diet, start to exercise, quit smoking or even begin to count our blessings. WHY WAIT?! Examine and implement a few simple but important health factors RIGHT NOW! With your doctor’s approval, start walking 30 minutes every other day, drink half your body weight in water daily, eliminate carbs and control your weight, learn to rest, relax and develop better sleep habits – always be happy – always – no matter where you are or what you have – choose happiness. And yes, get adjusted. Remove nerve interference with regular chiropractic care. Removing nerve interference that builds up as a result of physical, chemical or emotional stress is one of the most important factors in living a balanced life. Take the challenge, don’t wait for sickness to be your game changer – change now to stay healthy.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Mike 

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