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Posted on 03-24-2014

We all keep hearing about the healthcare law either it’s the Affordable Care Act or it’s Obamacare. At BTHC we really don’t care what the name is we are just going with the flow. We want to point that as doctors, we have to use certain diagnostic codes. In America we use what is called ICD-9. In October of this year we will switch to ICD-10 which is what the World Health Organization uses. We have a list of some of the diagnostic codes that are coming our way and I just wanted to add a little humor.

New Diagnostic Codes Coming our Way. Folks we Could NOT make this up. Enjoy!

W22.02VD: Walked into a lamppost, subsequent encounter

Folks watch out for those lampposts, they pop out of nowhere. Just imagine calling the insurance company on this one. "Yes i wondering do you cover people walking into lampposts?" Insurance company's responds"No we cover walking into telephone polls." 

Z63.1: Problems with the in-laws

            That’s every married couple on earth.

T71.231D: Asphyxiation due to being trapped in a discarded refrigerator, accident

             Who would do this on purpose?

V97.33XD: Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter

Folks, just get on the plane and let the mechanics do their job. Plus if you survive that then you must be Chuck Norris. You have my complete respect and what a story. That is bragging rights.

W16.221: Fall into bucket of water, causing drowning and submersion

             How big is this bucket? & Did one fall head first?

V91.07XA: Burn to water-skis on fire, initial encounter  

Did you decide to take daredevil lessons on the weekend? We all have the urge to jump through fire.

W49.01XA: Hair causing external constriction, initial encounter

Did you get braids that tight while on vacation in Jamaica and you are now suffering a headache? I have no clue what this even means.  

W56.22xA: Struck by orca, initial encounter

            What the hell are you doing out that far in the ocean, trying to catch Moby Dick?

V95.41XA: Spacecraft crash injuring occupant, initial encounter

I have an Apollo 27 and crashed into Apollo 44. My weekend trip was to the moon.

S30.867A: Insect bite of anus (nonvenomous) initial encounter

            I don’t know where to start, but that’s not what the insect said.

R46.1:  Bizarre personal appearance

            Go down to Bloomfield Center and people watch.

T63: Unspecified event, undetermined intent

            AKA stuff happens.

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